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What are Link.Kred Previews?

Link.Kred helps Influencers and Brands connect their audience with their best content, on their own memorable link.

The Kred Influencer Community is invited to suggest Link.Kred Footprints for their favorite Influencers and Brands - These suggestions are called Previews.

An Influencer or Brand activating their Social Footprint on Link.Kred is presented with the Previews the community has created for them. They may choose their favorite to get started on Link.Kred.


Creating Previews

Do I need to be a web designer or know code to create a Preview?

How is a Preview different to a fan page?

How is a Preview different to a template?

Is there somewhere I can see existing Previews for inspiration?

How much does it cost to create a Preview?

Does an Influencer or Brand need to meet any criteria before I can create a Preview for them?

Is there a limit to how many Previews I can create?

How can I increase my Kred Score with Previews?

What is the reward for creating a Preview?

Can I create multiple Previews for the same Influencer or Brand?

How will an Influencer or Brands know that I have created a Preview for them?

Can Agencies create Previews for their clients?

Why do I need to sign up to create a Preview?

Do I receive creative attribution for the Previews I create?

Managing Previews

How can I manage the Previews I have created?

Can I edit a Preview after saving it?

Can I delete a Preview after saving it?

How will I know if a Preview I created is activated?


Activating Previews

Can someone activate a Preview that is not for them?

How does Kred make sure that an Influencer or Brand's Preview is only activated by the rightful owner?

How much does it cost for an Influencer or Brand to activate a Preview created for them?

What is the reward if an Influencer or Brand activates my Preview?

Someone created a Preview for me - What should I do?