Social Footprints that create Social Impact - Benita Matofska and The People Who Share

Benita Matofska is an award winning author, speaker and change-maker, using social innovation techniques and global intelligence to inspire transformation for businesses, people and our planet.

Her innate understanding of her physical footprint and subsequent impact on society and those around her translates itself online with her Social Footprint, BenitaMatofska.Kred

What leading brands and influencers are saying about Benita:

"Inspiring, powerful, innovative. Benita captivated our global audience."

IKEA - Global Conference, Sweden

"Excellent speaker.  Knowledgeable, distinctive, future thinking."

M&S - Festival of the Future, London

"Riveting keynote. Mayors and business leaders were challenged and inspired."

EUROCITIES - Sharing Cities, Milan

“Bold, forthright, unforgettable. Benita  captivated the 1,400-strong global audience."

WOMEN'S FORUM - Global Forum, France



Benita's initiative, Global Sharing Week, is the largest annual celebration of resource Sharing, and, together with award-winning visual storyteller Sophie Sheinwald, has been immortalized in their book, Generation Share.



Benita and Sophie are not alone. Their organization, The People Who Share focuses on awareness, resources and a grass-roots call to action for sharing positivity into the world and shining a light on projects of impact, like their COVID-19 Food Relief program.

See all of their initiatives and support their fantastic causes at ThePeopleWhoShare.Kred



Join the movement on February 23

On Tuesday, February 23 at 2pm ET (7pm GMT), The People Who Share will be hosting a free monthly event, as part of their Generation Share Global Changemakers Digital Tour.

The event is part of a monthly series, each with a focus on showcasing the work of changemakers in a particular country or region - February’s focus is on Morocco.

Participants of each event contribute to building a Global Map of Hope that will be on The People Who Share’s website. 

Register for the event with the link below and receive 50% off Generation Share, the book that was voted 'best isolation read for a positive future' by Forbes. Each copy is made from 100% waste materials, helps to feed and educate a girl in the slums in Mumbai and plants a tree, sharing the love with each purchase.

Register here:

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